Quickly Setup PyCharm For Maya

Learn how to quickly setup PyCharm for Maya development. As a maya TD one of the most import tool is to have your IDE in my case PyCharm setup for development with autocomplete and documentation. By following a few quick steps you will also be able to have PyCharm all setup.

Setup Maya Devkit

To get auto complete working we first need to setup Autodesk Maya's devkit to get the python stubs.

  1. Head over to Autodesk's Maya Development Center
  2. Download and extract the files.
  3. Copy files from devkit to your C:\Program Files\Autodesk\MAYA VERSION\
    *Note you will need to override existing files in that location.

Setup PyCharm For Maya Development

Now that we have the devkit installed we can now setup our maya environment inside PyCharm.

Maya Python Interpreter

  1. Head over to PyCharm settings.
  2. Under Project select Python Interpreter
  3. Now click on the three dots and select Show All
Python Interpreter Settings
Python Interpreter Settings

2. Clicking the + icon will now allow you to create a new environment.

 Set Interpreter
Set Interpreter

3. We will point the base interpreter to the mayapy.exe file to
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\MAYA VERSION\bin\mayapy.exe


  1. We can now edit the interpreter paths by added in our devkit C:\Program Files
    \Autodesk\MAYA\devkit\other\PYTHON VERSION\pymel\extras\completion\py
  2. Now the real trick is to remove mayapy.exe's site-packages to get the auto complete working.
maya.cmds Autocomplete
maya.cmds Autocomplete

Setup Maya Documentation

  1. In Pycharm's setting select Tools, External Documentation
  2. By clicking the + icon we can add our documentation
  3. Set Module Name as; maya.cmds
  4. Set URL/Path Patter as; http://help.autodesk.com/cloudhelp/MAYA VERSION YEAR/ENU/Maya-Tech-Docs/CommandsPython/{element.name}.html
PyCharm Maya Documentation.
PyCharm Maya Documentation.

Now as you hover your mouse over a maya command it will now show a popup with a link to the documentation.

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