Come follow along my journey to expand my mind. You will find all the useful tips and ticks I discover along the way. From animation to python and everything in between. With my main focus around Autodesk Maya, I do spend time working in other programs when I can. If you have any topics you think I should cover drop me a message and you never know what gets covered next.


When getting to know any program you can always take it to another level by using hotkeys. But when it comes to most 3d applications we can truly make any program unique with coding. Autodesk's Maya is no different, with a number of free, paid and open-source tools available to use. Explore how we can make dynamics easier inside Maya.

Setting up Maya correctly for animation can quickly change the way you work and increase your productivity. Maya like most creative application is setup to work for everyone but has the ability to be fine tuned to work for you.

Learn how to quickly setup PyCharm for Maya development; with autocomplete and documentation.

Have you used reference when starting your animation? Learn the secret to using and finding the perfect reference.

Finding it hard to learn python as a VFX or CG artist? Here is a guide to the best sites to learn and build your skills.

As an artist you are using python without even knowing it, but why learn how to program? In the VFX and film industry you are often at the cutting edge of technology. Knowing even the smallest bit of python can open your mind to endless possibilities.

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