Axis Switcher


To install axis switch place the should be added to Maya's scripts path. Once added you will be all to setup your hotkeys inside maya

Mac OS

Setup Hotkey

After moving our file to our Maya scripts path we will launch Maya. Once Launched we will open Maya's hotkey editor. Navigate to the top menu bar and click Window then down to Settings and Preferences and over to Hotkey Editor.

Maya - Open Hotkey Editor

Once the Maya's Hotkey Editor opens we will select Custom Scripts from the Edit Hotkeys For: drop down. Now we can add our custom hotkeys, press New and give our hotkey a name I suggest toggle_MANIPULATORNNAME_axis, this will give us a clear understanding what the hotkey does when we come back in the future. Select Python and add the code snippet for the manipulator.

Maya - Add Hotkey

Suggested Hotkeys

This is how I have my hotkeys setup:

TranslateAlt + W
RotateAlt + E
ScaleAlt + R

Code Snippets

Below you will find the code snippets for all manipulators; translate, rotate and scale. You will need to copy and past when making your hotkeys.


import axis_switcher


import axis_switcher


import axis_switcher

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